Robin - Tree Ride to Tabletop - Oostende

After meeting at the bowl in Ostend we decided the scene was way to busy. Robin had some things in the city he wanted to try so we went for that instead. Didn’t expect he was going to go so high on this tree ride.

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Bo - Wallride to Tire Grab - Kortrijk

Bo did this wallride to tire grab first try, just took a couple of tries for me to get it :).

Check out the Kortrijk guys’ scene at

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Stephen - Slider to Pocket Air - Oostende

The sun is giving us a lot of energy these days, now that spring has arrived. Stephen has this line in the Ostend bowl where he slides the hip and then straight into a pocket air in corner with the pool coping.

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Lazy Sunday

Robin made a little edit of a session we had at the seaside, like the title says, it was a lazy Sunday. Good times!

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Tom - Carve - Izegem

One of the reasons post were slow is still visible in the above photo.

When we arrived at the park, things weren’t looking good. We made the best of it and still had a great day riding outside, which was the first time in months. Next couple of days the weather looks to be good, take advantage!

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New Indoor Skatepark TRUE-SPIN Opened It’s Doors For You…

Louis - Boosted Invert

True-Spin openend it’s doors last wednesday, on thursday we went to have a look and our first session with some friends.

Click ‘read more’ for further info and pictures.

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A few days ago I was asked by a friend to come and share some ideas for a whole new skatepark they are building at this indoor location.

This guy is quite into the inline-skate scene and very ambitious.
I know he had the plan boiling, since he told me the last time I saw him around the end of november.
I’m very glad that he and 2 other guys made the step to do this.
Being asked to come and share ideas of how is should look like to be rideable for BMX, I thought it was a good idea to meet up with Birre and Louis at this skatepark in Roeselare.
When we arrived there was already a jumpbox, a large mini ramp, a vert quarter and some stuff to fill up the street course.
This park is going to be awesome because they (inline-skaters) want to make it suitable for skateboarding and BMX too.
On top of that, they hired probably the best ramp-builder in Belgium to build this park.
Motivs really wants to give their support to this park, so we thought having some pics of the work in progress on our blog is the best way to show our support.
In an update we will post the opening date (which will be in only a couple of weeks) and address.
A couple more pics after the break.

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Styns - Tabletop - Zumiez

Ooooh man. This was the one more try I was asking him to do. Apparently it really is bad luck when a photographer asks a rider for one more try, at this last attempt Styns got his bars stuck in his pullover and went down hard. From that hight almost straight to his face right next to where I was.His bike tangled between his legs, his head on the floor, I was shocked. First thing that went through my mind was: “How bad is his face going to be”. Luckily he only had bruises, in his face as well, but I would say that’s better than scrambling his teeth on the floor. Next day I got a text from him saying that he felt ship wrecked, believable. Sorry bro.

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Stephen - Tire Slide - Zumiez

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Robin - Tabletop at Hight - Zumiez

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